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Section Properties Calculator

SecProp is a screen2m_640_x_1096Cross Section Properties Calculator, and calculates the Geometric Properties of Any Plane Figure, giving the x,y coordinates of the vertices.

This app gives is intended for engineering analysis and design, for stress analysis, to calculate the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a machine element, for students.

It gives the geometric properties of a bidimensional shape:

  • Area: the total area of the shape;
  • Centroid or geometric center: X and Y position; the average arithmetic mean of all the points in the shape
  • Moment of inertia about X and Y axis
  • Inferior and superior section modulus, also called moment of resistance.
  • Centrifugal moment of inertia, which is the sum of all products between the elementary area dA and the distances between this area and that rectangular system of axis
  • Polar moment of inertia: It measures also the cross section inertia, but the rotation is made around an axis perpendicular to the cross section plane, which intersect the cross section in the centroid geometric center

The shape is descrived by pairs of X,Y coordinates, that must be inserted clockwise.

The X axis is horizontal, the Y axis is vertical.

The output can be emailed to anyone.


Please be aware that the author assumes no responsibility whatsoever for its use by other parties, and makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, about its quality, reliability, or any other characteristic.

We would appreciate acknowledgement from the users.



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