UPDATE on 2019 December 13: the new version 2.3.7 of Canon IJ Scan utility is now working on Catalina.

It was possible scanning only one page with Canon IJ Scan Utility (for example with Canon PIXMA) using Mac OS Catalina before the driver update.

The scanning worked perfectly on the previous Mac OS Mojave.

After the scan of the first page on Mac OS Catalina, if you try to add a second page with tho old driver (pre 2.3.7) to obtain a multipage PDF, you’ll have an error message like  “Impossible begin a session on the device”.

If you press OK you will have only the first page of the document saved.

It’s possible to see that the process /Library/Image Capture/Devices/Canon IJScanner13f.app (or similar .app file, depending from the software version) prevents the scanning of a second page.

The possible workarounds were:

  • Scan the pages one by one;
  • Kill the process which prevents the scan;
  • Use Apple Image Capture Utility;

The second solution consists in creating a file (for example giving to it the name scanpatch), giving the execution permissions on it (chmod 755 scanpatch).

The file scanpatch consists in the unique row:

ps -ef | grep IJScanner | awk ‘{ print $2 }’ | xargs kill > /dev/null 2>&1

Then before executing the scan of the second page, and before any new page, execute the command from a terminal window:


After the execution of scanpatch It will be possible add a second page to the scan, and so on.

The third solution consists in using the Apple Image Capture Utility, for example it’s possible to recall it writing the text image capture in the spotlight input field.

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